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Fusion Artist



To explore the multifaceted, tragic, and beautiful life that we live, is my goal. 

To express this understanding honestly and with authenticity is what I do.


I do this with the support of a strong technical foundation,

and a freedom of expression that

knows no boundaries.

"So come to the pond,

or the river of your imagination,

or the harbor of your longing,

and put your lips to the world.

And live

your life."

~Mary Oliver


Consistency –

Consistent practice is the key that unlocks the mysteries, intricacies, nuances, and mastery of our art form.

Consistent practice is the key to strong, skillful, masterful technique. 

Consistent practice is the key to all things of life… 

~ Ariellah

Ariellah’s dance background expands over 30 years;

20 of those years with a direct and intimate focus on Western Contemporary Fusion Dance.

Learn and grow with her… 



Ariellah’s Curiosities is my online shop where

you shall find all things inspired by nature’s deep beauty. 


I hope your curiosity will to lead you to take a look… 


“Nature delights the senses washing over them with an endless variety of color and design.  


For centuries, artists, poets, and philosophers have drawn on the natural world for inspiration.”


~Albert Camus



2021 Teaching/Workshops:

Spring Class Sessions

March 23-May 11, 2021

Mindful Practice Class

Dancer Enhancement Program

2021 Performances:



November 13, 2021

CounterPulse SF: An Ariellah 3 Night Production

December 16-18, 2021




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