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Fantasy Bellydance: Magic
Produced by Neon and World Dance New York
World Dance New York

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The Fantasy Bellydance instructional series consists of 3 DVDs: Each program teaches 3 dances by 3 instructors. Dance styles presented range from Classic Bellydance to Fusion, Tribal, and Gothic. The instructional level of all three DVDs is intermediate-advanced.

Each choreography conjures up an evocative archetypal image, and emphasizes story-telling through dance. In addition to a full breakdown of every choreography, each segment includes a demonstration of each dance, as well as a full theater performance in costume.

Additional features enrich each instructor's section, such as tips on props use (hand veils, sword, Isis wings), conditioning for dance, expression and projection, developing meaningful dance, creating sacred space for dance, the value of dance as a personal ritual, and more.)

Instruction includes step-by-step breakdown of each dance and practice with music (or music and vocal prompts) for each combination.

FANTASY BELLYDANCE: MAGIC - Regal presence, secret knowledge, powerful spell.

Dance 1: Enchantress - (Autumn Ward)

Dance 2: Warrior Princess (sword) - (Isidora Bushkovski )

Dance 3: Kali /Creator-Destroyer- Tribal Fusion / Gothic (Ariellah)

Contemporary Belly Dance and Yoga Conditioning with Ariellah DVD
Produced by Neon and World Dance New York
World Dance New York

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Created by Ariellah, performer and instructor of Tribal and Dark Fusion Bellydance, Contemporary Bellydance and Yoga Conditioning combines three vital components of bellydance training: * a physical conditioning regimen to develop flexibility and strength;
* two sets of bellydance technique drills - basic and advanced - for improved muscle control and precision in executing bellydance isolations;
* a sequence of contemporary bellydance combinations complete with transitions to form an elegant and evocative modern choreography.

Whichever form of bellydance you choose, this training system lays a solid foundation.

The flexibility and muscle conditioning section of the program consists of 3 yoga sessions that can be used as a warmup/cooldown or as a stand-alone daily yoga practice:
* Short yoga warmup (8 min.);
* Full yoga warmup (20 min.);
* Yoga cool down (8 min.)

The Yoga sessions focus on building lower body strength and opening the hips to achieve ease and precision in bellydance hipwork. A number of exercises open the chest and increase back flexibility to enhance torso isolations and make dance movement sinuous and fluid.

Bellydance technique drills (75 min.) include hipwork, upper body work, combined hips/upper body isolations and arms/hips coordination. They also include adding level changes to torso isolations and layering hipwork on traveling steps.

The style of Ariellah's choreographic work is contemporary Tribal Fusion bellydance. She breaks down 6 combinations, step-by-step, consisting of multiple movements and transitions. The combination sequence forms a choreography, practiced to two different songs, to encourage creative adaptation of steps and transitions set to music.

The performance section offers 3 dynamic Tribal Fusion / Gothic bellydance performance pieces.

Tribal Revolution
Produced by Hollywood Music Center
Peko Records


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The constantly evolving world of Tribal Fusion Bellydance is known for its innovative artistry and emotive expressions. Combining the cultural with the mystical, the dark with the intimate; Revolution presents an unprecedented cast of Tribal Fusion artists. Costumes inspired by the beautiful and underground meet enigmatic music from musicians such as: Solace, Mosavo, The Toids, Sxip Shirey and more!

Bellydance Underworld DVD
Produced by Hollywood Music Center
Peko Records


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Expressive, dark and mysterious define The Bellydance Underworld, a utopia far away from the mainstream where solace is found. Unearth this eerie subculture to discover Tribal-Fusion, Experimental and Gothic Bellydance performances.

Rules are broken, authority is defied with unique costumes and sublime music from such talents as: Solace, Mosavo, Maduro, Collide and The Mutaytor. Chapter List: 1.Ariellah: Black Gothic Bellydance 2.Monica Fernandez: Sonic Jungle Sessions Tribal-Fusion 3.Mira Betz: Mirage Dark, Mystic Fusion 4.Ultra Gypsy: Mazamir Tribal Fusion 5.Sashi: Crushed Industrial-Gothic Bellydance 6. Kami Liddle: Cybele Tribal-Fusion 7.The Nekyia: Slinky Fire Fusion Trio 8.Katie Kay: Karakas Tribal-Fusion 9. Frederique: Blood Oil Gold Tribal-Fusion 10. UnMata: Akkadian Penumbras Improvised Tribal Fusion 11.Tempest: Doomsday Serenade Gothic Bellydance 12.Elisheva: Rhythm of the Heart Percussion Fusion Solo

Special Features: Chapter Selections Interactive Menu Dancers Biographies Behind the Scenes Footage About Tribal-Fusion Article About Gothic Bellydance Article

Gothic Belly Dance DVD Volume II: Revelations
Produced by Neon and World Dance New York, World Dance New York

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Gothic bellydance combines a range of contemporary bellydance styles and flavors with the themes, music, and edge of Goth subculture. Dark fantasy imagery of many shades comes alive through evocative movement, emotive intensity, spectacular costuming and the theatricality of the dance. The artists and troupes featured in this program come from across the US and each is renowned for their unique style of dance, innovative beyond the technical characteristics of the larger style of movement they represent, such as cabaret, tribal, or other genres of contemporary bellydance. It is this distinct, trend-setting uniqueness, and interest in dark fantasy realms, the mystical, ethereal, and otherworldly, that brings together the cast of Gothic Bellydance DVD.

Gothic Belly Dance: The Darker Side of Fusion DVD: Released March 2006
Produced by Neon and World Dance New York, World Dance New York

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Stark...sublime...intense. The phenomenon of Gothic Bellydance or Raks Gothique is a multitude of poetic visions born out of the Goth, or Gothic, subculture, music, imagery and fashion, and expressed in the language of Bellydance.

Modern "Bellydance" is an amalgam of historical dance styles coming from both East and West. Its diverse vocabulary allows the dancer to experiment with the widest range of creative movement, musical trends and cultural elements. A century after its arrival in the West, the art of Bellydance is emerging as a new world of unconstrained creative experimentation. No longer bound by its ethnic origins, it is one of the fastest-growing and most artistically-open contemporary dance forms.

Gothic Bellydance incorporates many Bellydance styles and motifs: Cabaret, Tribal Fusion, modern dance, echoes of Gypsy dance, Flamenco, Asian, and Indian dance all called to express the darkness of the unknown, and the mysteries of life, death, and eternity that have inspired Goth philosophies and lifestyles.

This first of its kind, groundbreaking collaborative project brings you the work of innovative and uncompromising dark fusion artists including a number of the recognized pioneers of Gothic Bellydance. The DVD features Tempest, and Ariellah of California; Asharah, Ya Meena and Raven of Washington, DC; Jeniviva, Ayshe, Jehan, Tanna, Blanca and Neon of New York City, as well as music by outstanding composers and performers including Solace, Jehan, Collide, Knossos and Gypsy Caravan.


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18x13 Gothic Belly Dance Poster
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4.5"x8.5" Black Ariellah Patch

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All potions are one of a kind and made with pure essential and fragrance oils by Ariellah, ranging from cypress to jasmine to frankincense, pine and amber and much more!

2 Dram Small Potion

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4 Dram Medium Potion

($12.00 plus $3.00 Shipping and Handling)

1 Ounce Large Potion

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